A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Welcome to rat jumble! You play as Bob, a new janitor in a nearby building. The boss also mentioned something about rats living in the building. doing most of the chaos. Your job is to clean up the mess the previous janitor has left and eradicated all rats.

Or is it your job? The game contains two endings so try to get both!


Just a few tips for new players:

  • You steer by using buttons WASD and a mouse (only left click) 
  • You kill rats by throwing objects at them.
  • For every destroyed item you get a "Mistakes" point, for killing rats you lost "Mistakes" points
  • You also have to clean up dirt, stains and move boxes to the correct places. The game tells you everything, including where they are! You just have to look around you!



  • Programming - Hrober (Discord: Hrober#1683)
  • Design (Level design, game design, UI design)
  • Art (Key 3D art with animations, textures for walls, Icon for the game) - Bogdan Krupa


Recommended PC specification:

  • Ram: 2-4 Gb, the game needs to allocate around 1 Gb of memory.
  • OS: Windows 10, 64 bits
  • CPU: Something that can handle windows 10 rather well.
  • Space: 600 Mb of free space (plus around 220 Mb for the zip file) will be enough.
  • GPU: Not necessarily fast GPU, but something rather new (Let's say, something that was new back in 2015, like gtx 950). The graphics card should have at least 2 GB of VRAM (memory).


Rat Jumble 1.2 Windows.zip 115 MB
Rat Jumpbe 1.2 Mac.zip 124 MB
Rat Jumble 1.2 Linux.zip 200 MB

Development log


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When I open the game I get this error "failed to load mono", I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and nothing, does anyone know how to fix it?


Great fun! I like the overall idea, but the dang rats are OP!

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nice game

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Hi, thanks for playing the game! I like watching these kinds of videos!

A bit sad the game worked so badly on your PC. After I've watched this, I've started thinking about how to tackle graphics settings, no promises though!


Hi, I tried out the 1.1 version of your game. I write my review here because this version was made after the jam, and I want to separate it a bit. Mainly I liked the game, there were lots of great features, like that it's shown, where we have to place the object, where the tools are, the tips on the bottom of the screen, and the gameplay and the graphics were good as well. But I will focus more on the problems I found because I think that is what helps you more.

Firstly, I really recommend adding an interactive tutorial to explain the details. In the first play, I didn't really knew what to do, and I am still a bit confused, about, how I can slow down the chaos line, and how I can kill a rat (I managed to do them, but I don't know how). It would be cool as well if you have added difficulty levels to the game because it is really hard for a beginner now. Secondly, the rats sound effect sounds weird to me, I think you should change on that, especially, because the other sound effects are well done. Lastly, I was struggling with mouse sensitivity. In my opinion, it is way too fast, and the horizontal sensitivity is too fast according to the vertical sensitivity as well. This problem could be solved by adding two more sliders to the options for the horizontal and vertical sensitivities.

I although these problems playing your game was a positive experience, and I am excited to see the new update. Keep up the great work.

Also, I would be very grateful, if you have rated my game, that helps me a lot. (https://itch.io/jam/brackeys-6/rate/1177960)

The problem with mouse sensitivity is a weird bug we don't fully understand yet, but we want to fix that.

About the rest - thanks for this feedback, this already helped us a lot! We were honestly thinking about some kind of tutorial but we were unsure how to do that effectively, but cheaply. I mean, without spending too much time working on a game but also without tedious walls of text. But once you've given us this feedback, I think I know how to do that perfectly and I release proper changes in the next update!

Also about the difficulty and learning curve. To some extent, this game always will be about failing and repeating without making the same mistakes. We will make the learning process as smooth as possible and finally perfect it in the next update (Thanks to your feedback!).

About sounds, well we are getting a lot of contradicting feedback. Some people like these rat sounds, others do not. Not sure what we should do about these.

Thanks for playing, and for sure I will review your game!