You are trapped in a simulation. Your task is to run back to the real world. Watch over where you go! The road isn't straightforward!

The game is our adaptation of an endless runner.


  • Try to escape the simulation while avoiding deadly viruses.
  • Avoid self destructing floor in decaying simulation.
  • Watch over against the fake floors which will kill you immediately once you step onto them!
  • Gather crowns for to get the best possible run ever!


Game was made for game jam, as a short break from making a bigger, more serious project (which will be available on my itch io account soon!).  If you'd like to learn more, read our blog post.

Game made by:

  • Hrober (Programming)
  • Premmix (Art)
  • Pszczelarz (Design)
  • Wheatley (Amazing icon for the game)

Thanks for playing, please inform us about any issues and ofc your best time!


Escape the simulation Windows 41 MB

Development log


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good game