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BaseCraft is a science-fiction strategy game. You traveled to a far planet in order to excavate resources from it and build your empire. Create elaborate supply chains, develop production,  subjugate new territory, strengthen the defense, dominate enemies by using powerful drones network. 

StatusOn hold
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
GenreStrategy, Simulation, Survival
Tags2D, City Builder, factory, resource-management, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, Unity


BaseCraft v0.7.8 win64.zip 33 MB
BaseCraft v0.7.8 win32.zip
BaseCraft v0.7.8 linux.zip 36 MB
BaseCraft v0.7.7 mac.app.zip 47 MB
BaseCraft v0.7.7 linux.zip 38 MB
BaseCraft v0.6.9 win.zip 23 MB

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am sorry, this game have bug : impossible to craft magnet and  the conpressed wood not appear on stokage and other. is 2 bug am found. but the game is very fun and cool ! (sorry if am missed my english, am french.)

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It's a very good game but this bug is horrible.

I can't do anymore.

Version: 0.7.7

I am going to fix it soon


Quest First electronics

22 Cooper cables in Storage

Wooden circuit discovered

You are the second I have seen report a problem with Electronics. I will have to start a new game and see if I have a problem. So far, however, I have played three games without any such problem. (Hence why I am interested in the problem; I am _not_ [one of] the developer[s]. Just curious about the "bug".)

At the same time, there were -17 trees in the warehouse (a negative amount after studying the technology that requires wood twice).

Maybe this is related to

I also started over. I did everything as indicated. But the copper cable is 1/10 again, the technology has been studied, but the mission is not completed.

One more point - I use Linux Debian to play

After a complete restart, I also had the problem. I made and launched 10 copper cables, and even completed the research, but the mission still showed "1/10".

I tried on Debian Linux, Microsoft Windows 10, and Apple MacOSX, all 64-bit.

I may have figured out the problem. I restarted again, and during the "Transport 10 Dirty Copper Ore to the Smelter" mission, I observed that every time the Smelter would smelt the ore in to Copper Plates and consume the ore, the mission count would reset to the amount of ore still waiting to be smelted.

That suggests that the counter is not actually counting how many times you transport the goods, but only how much is currently in storage.

Thus, you have to do the tasks precisely as indicated without "jumping ahead". I.E., produce 10 Copper Cables, only then transport them to the Launch Pad, and only when they are all there, then Launch.

(If I do not post again after trying that, assume it is correct...)

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Unfortunately, that did not work out. :( Now I am stuck at 0/10 Copper Cables.

Edit to add: However, I proceeded on towards the what the next goal is/might have been, and at some point, the Electronics mission changed to completed. I do not know what triggered it.

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Seeing the results of my "tests", I wondered if maybe the mission is (wrongly?) tracking something else. That is indeed the case:

As soon as I produced and launched 10 Copper Plates, it cleared the "10/10 Copper Wires" requirement.

Good concept, but poor implementation.

Several problems:

1) Drones occasionally freeze/get stuck--I tried to exit and reload the game, but the drones remain frozen.

2) The algorithms the drones use result in a lot of useless moves, and/or looping--take something from storage A, put it in storage B, then take it back out and put it back in storage A. Repeatedly.

3) The drones ignore the "allow drones to take items" option.

4) The drones seem to only search for the first place to store something, going from left to right and top to bottom, instead of the nearest building. This often results in moving items inefficiently to remote locations.

5) Sometimes, buildings go offline and will not go back online.

My suggestions:

The drone freezing and buildings going offline acts a lot like a memory leak (inaccessible pointer): the game loop simply loses track of the drone or building state.

Prioritize transport: Instead of targeting the first acceptable target, create an A-list, B-list, and C-list, then choose the best target from the A-list; If none or not possible, try the B-list, then the C-list.

Keep track of the three to five most recent transports: If the drone tries to transport something back to a recent previous target, abort the action as a possible infinite loop.

Use a "job system" type transport queue. And allow the drones to scan the queue for the nearest job, instead of the first possible job. (Also, leave the job in the queue until it has completed. That way, if the drone aborts, it can unmark the job as taken and allow the drones to attempt it again later, when it may become possible to complete it.)

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Another thing I just remembered: Requiring 8 cells space between wind turbines is a major logic flaw, and results in another bug--placing multiple turbines next to each other is allowed until a least one of them is completely built. Likewise, we have to wait until it is completely dismantled before placing a new one.

Also, when setting an amount to always deliver, it delivers (amount + 1), instead. (Edited to add: It only seems to do this when neither drone is frozen; If there is only one active drone, it delivers the exact amount. This suggests that with two drones, the second one is also trying to fill the same order, and carrying one extra item.)

Hi, thanks for the issues report and good advices. Part of them are known but a couple are new. I note all of them.

In two years of development, ideas changed 2 times, so concept and implementation are not as clear as I wanted. Drones appeared in-game not as long ago, and problems of them always have been.

I am working on another factory-builder game, that is in a similar phase of development as BaseCraft, but this time I have support in design and graphics.

If you like those types of games and want to give us as professional feedback as that about the new developing game, leave any communication way.

I would be happy to try out anything new and give feedback. Will it be here on ich.io or somewhere else?

Yes, it will be available on itch io. We plan to release it for web browsers and Windows (32 & 64 bits).

As of right now, the game is fully playable and has enough content to play for over 1 hour (potentially even a few hours before you will get everything). The only lacking thing is an art and last improvements to the gameplay/ UI. We still haven't fully started working on that, but we already have a dozen of high-quality icons (for recipes and resources).

I've asked you about professional feedback because soon, we will start developing a tutorial for the game. This big task alone will take us probably several weeks. But once it is done, we wanted to make sure the game is balanced as good as possible. We will most likely do this before the public release of the game so we'd share the game via more private/ local ways of communication.

I'd suggest our tiny discord server for communication https://discord.gg/zHDE3RxA. If you'd like to help us make this game better, feel free to. If you would like to wait for the full release, we have no problem with that.

Great! I will post there, as well... But for the moment, I will post this here, as I believe feedback from everyone here will also be helpful to you.

First things, first... Put the whole issue of Web/Win(32/64) aside. Separate the game engine from _both_ the game presentation (including UI, graphics, and platform), and game data. Focus _only_ on one part at a time. Then, you will have a game engine that can run on Web/Win/Mac/Linux/Whatever, and you only have to develop the parts of the UI that are different for each platform, without needing to constantly refactor the engine.

The same holds true of the visual (graphics), audio, and the game data. You want each part to be able to operate both on it's own, and when combined in different configurations. Maybe you can do multiple--There is quite a large number of "old school"/retro/vintage users out there and on Itch (look at all the retro 8-bit remakes on here!): You could offer a "retro 8-bit" UI and graphics, as well as a modern HI-Res version, without a lot of extra code (or re-coding). It also makes it relatively easy to provide simple models for different platforms such as Web/Win/Mac/Linux/Android/iOS/whatever.

Another advantage is... you mentioned a tutorial. I would put that aside for now -- make the different components separate modules (Engine/Data/UI/Platform), and a tutorial will likely become extremely easy to add, as it would fall under Game Data, and be more of a matter of the tutorial simply combining the other parts of the game in a guided manner. From the Engine's perspective, it does not matter if it receives a command from the user or a tutorial script. It simply does what it was commanded to do, such as take Object A and Object B, and mix/combine them to create Object C.

You can also worry about balancing mostly when working on the Game Data, and not need to worry about the Engine or UI while trying to find a good balance. Same goes for the graphics. You could set the graphics initially to be simple colored dots on the screen during development, and worry about fancy, hi-res graphics and art without needing to change the engine code. And so on.

All these things are the very heart of any kind of computer development and programming, and more so when you add in object orientation: Encapsulation, Implementation, Interface, Modularity, Re-usability, etc.

One thing I always keep in mind, even when writing a short, one-shot program to handle a specific task, is that the computer is nothing more than a numerical processing machine. It does not care where the numbers come from, or if the numbers represent "pure text", or high quality graphics, or something else. It simply follows the same pattern: Input Data, Process the Data, Output the Results, and Repeat it all again.

One thing to note, in particular, is that nowhere did I state "analyze the data". That is because the computer cannot do that on it's own. It cannot look at the data and conclude that it is script to execute or an image to display! Yes, you can give it instructions on how to do that, but it cannot do it until _you_ tell it _how_ to--even if that is simply giving it a code library you or someone else already wrote to do so.

Keep that in mind and you will start to think in the way I do: At the lowest level, you simply have a series of instructions telling it how to input/process/output. At the next level, you do the _same thing_! The only difference is that instead of low-level CPU primitives, you are combining code libraries in a sequence that accomplishes the desired (sub-)task. And the same thing for the next higher level; The process does not change -- only the building blocks do, becoming more complex at each new higher level, until the level and complexity are sufficient enough to complete(/solve) the task at hand.

bug: the "first electronics" mission is broken, it keeps saying that i have 7/10 electronics but i have researched wooden electronics sooooo yeah. so either someone please tell me how to fix it or i'll wait for a bug fix.


This mission required two things:

1. Discover “Wooden circuit production” Technology. 

2. Produce and lunch 10 copper cables.

If you have already researched "wooden electronics" then you've completed the first point.

There is still a second point left. You need to lunch and store at least 10 copper cables in your orbital station warehouses.

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i have at least 100 or more cables in the station (NOT the drone control) and no matter how many i send up, it is always saying 7/10 copper cables stored.

it does not change no matter how many i send.

also how come coal is in this picture https://img.itch.zone/aW1hZ2UvNzkyMzM4LzU2OTYzNzgucG5n/347x500/GsWCYY.png its in the top right corner.

also just remove the steel from the coal reaserch 

so people can get it

Thanks for the comment,

Check last Development log :D

I found a glitch where if you change the recipe while something is crafting/smelting it will freeze the progress bar and not let you do anything. so, you have to delete the smelter/crafting thing.

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so i downloaded the 32 bit version of the game, when i run it, IT SAYS i need a 32 or 64 bit why?

edit : is the files switched, because when i downloaded the 64 bit file it can run because it was actually 32 bit. 

Oh, thanks for noticing it.

It is fixed now.

In the research tree, you need steel to get "Coal Production", but you need "Coal Production" to get "Steel Production". So you basically need to get steel before you can make steel. Am I missing something?

Hi, You are right, it impossible to get steel.

Unfortunately, the game isn't finished, it was too ambitious a project for one person.

You will probably see a new, similar game made in a slightly larger group soon.

I suggest making drones take stuff from crafters/smelters etc first. Otherwise they just start moving it between two storages back and forth.

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I found a bug with the "First electronics" quest. Is there a different way to progress? It was on 64-bit.

i actually just found out how to fix it

you have to send copper plates instead


fajna gra


podzielam twoje zdanie


good game there is still the coal problem for me but also how do you remove stuff from the storage thing theres that remove item switch but when i switch that and press an item it just goes to recipes

Thanks for the playing and comment!

Unfortunately, there is no coal in this version yet, but it will definitely appear someday.

Good that you are reporting bugs, I just fixed them, it should work in the current version.



I did most of the main stuff already so ill be waiting until coal is out pls remind me if it does 

also on the pic that is I am very excited for more content and what will come out so I love progression in this game its a lot easier but I would like for you to make it a bit hard ok :) Good luck 

(English is not my main language)

its because of the speed up time thing the speed is too fast

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Thanks, nice to hear it.

Unfortunately, it was my first game and it was definitely too big. The plans were too ambitious.

It is possible that updates will come, but not soon.

By the way, I work on another game, so it is my priority now. That is similar at some points, so maybe you will like it too.

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I'm a Filipino ahahhaha but sure ill try your new game

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how about a board that shows the research requirement that im looking to do?

that make me (or players) have more focus on building and prepare stuff while still be able to see the research progress

beside, why dont you add some shortcut? i dont like open the action menu many times just to take some click

(English is not my main language)


Thanks for the comment. 

"a board that shows the research requirement that im looking to do".

I have no idea how that should look like.

The shortcuts would be helpful. I will add it in the next update, but unfortunately, it will not be soon.

( English is not my main language too ; ) 


is it available for win 32

it seems like the dev has deleted the x32 version


I will add it today


seems really good the only factory game i can run in my potato pc


hey is coal not out yet or am i just dumb cause i can figure out how to produce it

Yes, you can't get coal yet. I'm working on the interface right now, but access to other stuff will be available soon.